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Students Associations and Clubs are one of the unique features of the University. A host of activities are carried out by the different institute associations and clubs in academic, social, cultural and sports area. The Students take the responsibility to plan, organise, conduct, and review the events, happening at their respective institute from time to time.

This culture inculcates the spirit of teamwork and leadership amongst the students.  The students get involved in these activities not merely for the learning value but also for the pleasure that comes with the experience of a job well done. The students recognise their talents and skills in the process and are inspired to develop them further.

Some examples of these associations and clubs are the associations run by the various departments of Institute of Technology, like CSI (Computer Society of India), Infocrates, iL2 (Invincible Leaders’ League), ER (Enchanted Rhythms), and OrCES (Organisation of Civil Engineering Students), among many others.

Likewise, the Institute of Management has a number of student-run clubs, including Fiesta (the dance and music club), Chehre (the dramatics club), Pratikriti (the photography club), XQuizIT (the quiz club), to name a few.

More information can be found about these associations and clubs in the Campus Life section of different institutes.

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