Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Dr Anup K Singh, Chairman

Director General, Nirma University

Dr R N Patel
Dean, Faculty of Technology & Engineering and Nominated Member from Academic Council, Nirma University
Dr Subir Verma
Dean, Faculty of Management
Nirma University
Dr Manjunath Ghate
Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
Nirma University
Dr Sarat Dalai
Dean, Faculty of Science
Nirma University
Prof Utpal Sharma
Dean, Faculty of Architecture & Planning
Nirma University
Dr Udai Paliwal
Dean, Faculty of Commerce
Nirma University
Dr Madhuri Parikh
Dean, Faculty of Law
Nirma University
Prof Sangita Shroff
Dean, Faculty of Design
Nirma University
Dr Milind Mahajan
Group Director, ASG
Space Application Centre- ISRO, Ahmedabad
(M): 9429001112
Prof (Dr) K K Pant
Dean Faculty
Head, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
(M): 9990662905
Prof Dulal Panda
Director, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, S A S Nagar (Mohali)
(Tele): 01722214690
Prof Paresh V Patel
Dept of Civil Engineering
Institute of Technology, Nirma University
Prof Madhuri Bhavsar
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
Institute of Technology, Nirma University
Dr Absar M Lakdawala
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Technology, Nirma University
Dr P N Tekwani
Dean, Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research, Nirma University

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