The Salient Features of University

Focus on overall development of the students

Student centricity is the core value of Nirma University. Every activity, be it curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular, is designed to keep the growth and development of students in mind. The development of both cognitive and personal growth of the students is taken care at the University. The students are provided with the opportunities to hone their interpersonal, social and professional skills through various initiatives. Student engagement in all the activities is the cornerstone of numerous practices.

Outcome-based education

The University follows the outcome-based education system and continuously assesses what the students will be able to learn and imbibe after undergoing a programme. The teaching-learning process is continuously evaluated for its effectiveness. Feedback from students and relevant stakeholders is taken regularly. Importantly, the students at Nirma University are an integral part of the community and are treated as key partners in the teaching-learning process.


Stress on enlightenment, employability and entrepreneurship

The purpose of education is to liberate and free young citizens from ignorance, false beliefs and wrong traditions. We, at Nirma University, develop critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills so that our students are enlightened and empowered. Programmes at all constituent institutes are designed to increase the employability of the students. Further, the Centre of Entrepreneurship at Nirma University is actively engaged in creating awareness about entrepreneurship and providing guidance to the budding entrepreneurs.


High quality faculty and facilities

Nirma University has a rigorous selection process where only the best of faculty are selected. To keep themselves updated, faculty attend a host of professional development programmes, participate in different seminars and conferences, and internal learning activities.

Nirma University has modern facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries and ICT infrastructure. The University has a 24×7 Wi-Fi facility available on the campus premises. We continuously upgrade our facilities to meet the new benchmarks and emerging needs of all our stakeholders.


Experiential and group-based pedagogy

The faculty use various experiential learning tools along with the lecture method. The idea is to develop deep understating of the subjects amongst the students and they should be able to do various tasks as visualised in the curriculum. Tutorial learning is a significant feature at the undergraduate level. The students are given various learning tasks in different groups so that they learn from one another and develop collaborative learning and teamwork skills.


Assessment as learning

Assessment at Nirma University is part and parcel of the teaching learning process. A substantive amount of assessment weightage is assigned to formative assessment. Students get continuous feedback about their progress; thus, they have an opportunity to improve their academic performance.


Robust mentoring programme

Each student is assigned a mentor who guides and assists him in understanding the academic requirements and in coping with institutional demands. Besides, the students in a mentee group also help one another.

Keeping the academic, social-psychological, and emotional needs of its students in mind, the University has a dedicated Counselling Centre. The counsellor helps students address their problems positively by helping them clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.


Development of research skills

The University lays due emphasis on research in the undergraduate programmes. The minor and major research projects undertaken by the students help them to gradually hone their research skills. They have access to libraries and laboratories to pursue their research projects. In certain cases, the students are provided financial support to translate their ideas into innovation through the scheme of Idea Lab.


Rich alumni base

Nirma University has a large alumni base spread across the globe. The current students get several opportunities to interact with alumni through guest lectures, alumni interaction series and special events. Alumni are also a part of different academic bodies as special invitees for their valuable feedback and support. The alumni also mentor the current students as and when required, which proves to be a hands-on approach for the graduating students and helps them in keeping updated with the recent market trends. The University organises alumni meet in different cities to maintain a strong relationship with its alumni.


International exposure

The University designs multiple activities to promote, develop and strengthen the international tie-ups for exchange programmes and research cooperation between Nirma University and other institutions and the industry based on equality and mutual benefits.

In this context, the University has signed MoUs with a host of other universities and institutions for faculty and student exchange, joint research and innovation. The University also invites professors from international institutions for a short-term duration from time to time. Select students are facilitated to do internships in various international universities and institutions.



The University has a diverse set of institutes, varying from Technology to Management to Pharmacy to Commerce to Science to Design, and many more. The student population has a healthy mix of students, hailing from 25 states of India.

There is also a good representation of girls and disadvantaged groups in the student population. And the same is reflected in faculty.


Ragging-free campus

Nirma University has a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging. Ragging is strictly prohibited inside and outside the University campus. The University strictly follows the guidelines on ragging issued by the Honourable Supreme Court of India and University Grants Commission (UGC).



Nirma University provides full placement support to its students. The placement model at Nirma is a four stage process, involving the Pre-placement activities, Career Guidance, Executing Placement and Post-placement reviews.

In addition to providing placement support to the students, the University facilitates training of students in the organisations during summer and winter vacations, project work for the students in the final year, continuous institute-industry interactions, alumni activities, participation in exhibitions, fairs, seminars and conferences, counselling of the students on job opportunities, facilitating industry visits and inviting distinguished speakers.

The University is one of the most preferred campuses for job placements by leading corporates. It has corporate linkages with over 300 companies which regularly conduct campus recruitment.

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