3.4.3 Patents

3.4.3 Number of Patents published/awarded during the year Total number of  Patents published/awarded year wise during the year
Sr. No. Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the patent Year of Award of patent Link to Document
1 Prof. Sanjeev Rameshchandra Acharya 2763/MUM/2011 Brain Targeted Therapeutic Delivery System Awarded on 28-04-2020 Click Here
2 Dr. Tejal Mehta
Prof. Mohit Shah
Dr. Amin Avni
1899/MUM/2012 Pharmaceutical Composition for Buccal Delivery Awarded on 16-09-2020 Click Here
3 Prof. Jignasa Ketan Savjani 7/MUM/2013 Aciclovir Co-crystals and the Process of Preparation Awarded on 18-09-2020 Click Here
4 Prof. Kunal Ghosh
Prof. Mihir Chauhan
201921004168 An Improved Antimine Vehicle With Vertical Blast Ventilation Published on 07-08-2020 Click Here

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