3.4.4 Number of Ph.D.s awarded per teacher during the year July 01, 2020 to June 30,2021
Sr. No. Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD
1 Rajwinder Kaur Institute of Management Dr. Sameer Pingle Examining the Relationship of Employer Branding with Organization Culture and Employee Brand Equity. 6/23/2015 3/20/2021
2 Gadhavi Lataben Jasvantdanji Institute of Technology Dr. Madhuri Bhavsar Performance Analysis of Adaptive Cloud through Workload Prediction Supporting Resource Provisioning 11/8/2012 3/20/2021
3 Bhagya Nagarajan Iyer Institute of Science Dr. Shalini Rajkumar Biochemical Basis of Repression of Mineral Phosphate Solubilization (MPS) Phenotype in Rhizobial Species 9/21/2013 3/20/2021
4 Priya Parag Saxena Institute of Technology Dr. J. P. Ruparelia Studies on Electrochemical Degradation of Reactive Black-5 Dye and Urea Solutions using Indigenously Developed and Commercial Electrodes 4/28/2012 3/20/2021
5 Gandhi Ravi Vikramkumar Institute of Technology Dr. D. M. Adhyaru Design and Implementation of Controller for Electromagnetic Levitation System in the Presence of Disturbances 5/30/2016 3/20/2021
6 Shailendra Singh Institute of Technology Dr. S. C. Bera Design and Development of Higher Order Sub-Harmonic Mixers 10/20/2012 3/20/2021
7 Vineet Kumar Institute of Management Dr. Ashwini Awasthi An Empirical Study of the Causes, Symptoms and Organisational Responses to Customer Rage Behaviour 7/15/2010 3/20/2021
8 Kathak Rajen Mehta Institute of Management Dr. Bindi Mehta A Study of Non-financial Roles of Venture Capitalists – An Indina Perspective 6/18/2012 3/20/2021
9 P. Ganesh Institute of Management Dr. Nityesh Bhatt A Study of Usage & Projects of Business Intelligence (BI) Tools in SMEs and Large Organizations in Ahmedabad Region 5/3/2011 3/20/2021
10 Shah Dhaval Bipinchandra Institute of Technology Dr. K. M. Patel Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Minimization of Spring-back Deformation in CFRP Parabolic Antenna Reflactor Used for Space Applications 12/23/2014 3/20/2021
11 Kadiya Shriram Surendra Institute of Management Dr. Sapna Parashar An Analysis of Communication Dissemination for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gaurantee Act. (MGNREGA) 1/19/2013 3/20/2021
12 Khatri Hirenkumar Natvarlal Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Mayur M. Patel Formulation and Evaluation of Ligand Appended Lipid Nanoparticulate Systems for Oral Delivery of Anti-cancer Agents 4/19/2012 3/20/2021
13 Patel Swetaben Bharatbhai Institute of Science Dr. Sriram Seshadri Evaluating the Immunological Environment of Liver and its Metabolic Shift following Gut microbiota Alteration in Diet Induced Type 2 Diabetes 11/10/2014 3/20/2021
14 Upadhyay Jagatkumar Rajendrakumar Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Design, Syntheses & Biological Evaluation of Heterocycles Targetting DPP-4 for Management of Type 2 Diabetes 10/14/2011 3/20/2021
15 B. Narasiha Sharma Institute of Science Dr. Arun Bhardwaj Investigations on Systems and Methods for Performance Simulation and Characterization of Spaceborne Electro-optical Imaging Systems 9/28/2012 3/20/2021
16 Prajapat Manali Dhanraj Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Shital Butani Design and Development of Drug Delivery Systems for Solubility Enhancement of Nimodipine. 8/22/2013 3/20/2021
17 Nimitt Virenbhai Chokshi Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Mayur M. Patel Formulation, Development and Characterization of Targeted Nano Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Tuberculosis 10/15/2013 3/20/2021
18 Ashokkumar A. Tiwari Institute of Technology Dr. Urmil Dave Rheological Investigations on Cement Paste and Concrete using Fly ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag 12/27/2013 3/20/2021
19 Bhayani Dhara Rajeshbhai Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Priti Mehta Effects of Ionizing Radiations on Stability of Selected Drugs and their Formulations 8/28/2014 3/20/2021
20 Viral Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Tejal Mehta Design and Development of Topical Nanoformulations for the Treatment of Fungal Diseases 8/28/2014 3/20/2021
21 Tejal Rawal Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Shital Butani Formulation Development of lung targeted drug delivery System for treatment of tuberculosis 8/27/2014 3/20/2021
22 Nitin Dwivedi Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Jigna Shah Development and Evaluation of Donepezil Loaded PEGylated Dendrimers for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease 3/24/2014 3/20/2021
23 Yogesh Sanjaybhai Mungra Institute of Management Dr. P. K. Yadav Effect of Social capital and Transaction cost on supplier’s opportunism in Manufacturer – Supplier Relationship. 6/23/2014 3/20/2021
24 Trivedi Varsha Bhagavatprasad Institute of Science Dr. Sarat Dalai Role of HLA Antibodies (Class-I and II) and Infections Among Renal Transplant 9/23/2013 3/20/2021
25 Rajput Amarjitsing Premsinh Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Shital Butani DEVELOPMENT OF NASAL LIPIDIC NANOCARRIER SYSTEMS FOR TREATMENT OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE 8/25/2014 3/20/2021
26 Orpe Prachi Bhalchandra Institute of Science Dr. Balasubramanian C. The Study of Magnetic Nanostructures in Relation to its Atomic Ordering and Oxidation State 10/18/2013 3/20/2021
27 Sonal Shankerlal Kotak Institute of Technology Dr. Urmil Dave Mechanical and Durability Studies of Ambient Cured Alkali Activated Concrete with Various Source Materials 12/19/2012 3/20/2021
28 Neha Singh Institute of Management Dr. Jayesh Aagja Examining the Role of Choice Closure in Choice Overload Phenomenon 6/23/2015 3/20/2021
29 Bhurani Vishakha Manoj Institute of Science Dr. Sarat Dalai Induction of Memory T Cells by Mimicking Natural Course of Infection 9/11/2014 3/20/2021
30 Sanjay Kumar Jain Institute of Management Dr. Rajesh Jain Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparative Study of Regulatory Agencies Inspected Drug Manufacturers 10/15/2014 3/20/2021
31 Patel Rushika Bharatkumar Institute of Science Dr. Nasreen Munshi Development of bioprocess for identification of pollutant levels in industrial waste water 9/12/2014 3/20/2021
32 Singh Ritika Sushilkumar Institute of Management Dr. Hardik Shah Examining the Impact of Perceived Organization Support and Multicultural Personality as Cross-Cultural Adjustment – Casequres and Interventions 6/23/2015 3/20/2021
33 Anurodhsingh Pritpalsingh Khanuja Institute of Management Dr. Rajesh Jain A study of supply chain integration, flexibility and performance. 6/23/2014 3/20/2021
34 Reena Biju Institute of Management Dr. Anamika Sinha Express freely, but if you are masculine! Exploring the link between gender and emotional labour in entrepreneurship in India 6/27/2011 3/20/2021
35 Sanchayita Das Institute of Science Dr. Manab Chakraborthy Characterization of Himalayan Glaciers Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data 9/23/2013 3/20/2021
36 Upadhyay Darshit Shaileshkumar Institute of Technology Dr. R. N. Patel Investigations on Influence of Steam Injection and Catalyst on Producer Gas Quality in Fixed Bed Gasifier with Lignite as Feedstock 12/12/2014 3/20/2021
37 Narasimha Reddy Ravuru Institute of Technology Dr. S. S. Patel Hydrogen Production via Catalytic Glycerol Reforming 12/1/2011 3/20/2021
38 Ranjana Gangradey Institute of Science Dr. Vipul Tanna Pumping speed of Hydrogen and Helium gases using Activated Carbon as sorbent material at Liquid Helium Temperature for Cryopump Applications. 2/11/2013 3/20/2021
39 Trivedi Kedar Niranjanbhai Institute of Technology Dr. Dhaval Pujara Bandwidth Enhancement of Dielectric Resonator Antennas Using Stacked and Fractal Geometries 9/28/2015 3/20/2021
40 Parmar Krupali Jitendra Institute of Science Dr. Mili Das Biochemical and Biophysical Studies on Thermostable and Thermoactive Enzymes and Understanding the Molecular Determinants of Protein Thermostability 9/26/2013 3/20/2021
41 Joshi Madhaviben Udayankumar Institute of Science Dr. Amee Nair Effect of Recurrent Hypoglycemia on NRG1 – ErbB Receptor Subtypes During Diabetes and its Implications in Motor and Cognitive Functions 9/20/2013 3/20/2021
42 Sujata Behera Institute of Management Dr. Deepak Danak Evaluating EVA Based Valuation Models in Explaining Market Value of Equity 1/10/2013 3/20/2021
43 Binu Philip Thomas Institute of Management Dr. P. K. Chugan Determinants of Licensing A Study of Selected Biotech Companies and Research Institutions 12/8/2012 3/20/2021
44 Joshi Tejas Mukundbhai Institute of Technology Dr. Urmil Dave Development of Pervious Concrete For Pavement Applications 4/26/2013 3/20/2021
45 Patel Misari Dhruv Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Charmy Kothari Bio-analytical Method for the Combination of Lipid-Lowering and Anti-Hypersensitive Agents 8/26/2014 3/20/2021
46 Jinto Thomas Institute of Science Dr. Ajai Kumar Study of Laser Produced Plasma Plume and its Dynamics in Nickel Thin Film 10/17/2014 3/20/2021
47 Parag Anilkishore Saxena Institute of Technology Dr. M. H. Joshipura Studies on Some Properties of Biodiesel and Biodiesel-Diesel-Butanol Blends 10/23/2012 3/20/2021
48 Tushar Hematlal Bhoraniya Institute of Technology Dr. Sharad Purohit Damping Evaluation Studies and It’s Impact on Reinforced Concrete Structures 10/26/2012 3/20/2021
49 Pandya Hetal Laxmilal Institute of Management Dr. Deepak Danak A Study Based on Gender Behavioural Differences on Investment Decisions in State of Gujarat 12/6/2012 3/20/2021
50 Makhesana Mayurkumar Ashwinbhai Institute of Technology Dr. K. M. Patel Performance Assessment of Solid Lubricants and Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Machining 8/22/2013 3/20/2021
51 Patel Pooja Ishvarbhai Institute of Science Dr. Vijay Kothari Investigation on Anti-pathogenic Potential of Herboheal Formulation and Phyllanthus emblica L. Seed Extract Against Selected Human-Pathogenic Bacteria 9/15/2015 3/20/2021
52 Parmar Harikrushna Chandubhai Institute of Technology Dr. Usha Mehta Power Aware Test Archicture for System-On-Chip 4/11/2013 3/20/2021

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