Tinkerers’ Lab Inauguration

The Tinkerers’ Lab under the auspices of Maker Bhavan Foundation (MBF) will be inaugurated on September 22, 2022, by Dr Hemant Kanakia, MBF and Shri K K Patel, Vice President at Nirma University. Tinkerers’ Lab is an ecosystem that fosters a natural inclination of learning by doing. It is a facility having modern tools and equipment and is run by student mentors in association with the lab managers and teaching faculty.

The Maker Bhavan Foundation, California, US has funded such labs at IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IIT Gandhinagar and now for the first time is going outside of the IIT organisations by funding the lab at Nirma University.

The lab is functional and available to students from September 22, 2022. It has high-end equipment like a 3D printer, 3D scanner, Vinyl cutter, Laser Cutting Machine, Mechanical Power Tools, other mechanical tools, Electronic CRO, Function generator, Power Supplies, Soldering Iron etc which can be used to make prototypes for students’ projects.