Outdoor Sports

Sport is an essential part of a student’s overall development. It provides an opportunity for engagement, learning, enjoyment and a sense of team spirit in an individual. The love of sport developed at a young age offers life-long health and other benefits. The university campus has a modern infrastructure that encourages the students to participate in various sports and represent the university at national and international sports events.

The university has a well-maintained cricket ground with three hard bowling pitches. The ground is spread across a span of 20,120 square meters. The university also has separate cricket net practice space for regular practice sessions. Training nets are also available during these sessions.

The football ground spreads across a sprawling 90 by 45 square meters. A regular football game will have the action on the ground and crowd cheering for the players from all corners of the ground.

There are two volleyball grounds on the campus that are used by the students for practice and for various regional and national level competitions.

The university has three lawn tennis courts on the campus. The students prepare themselves for various intra-college, inter-college, and state level competitions on these courts.

There are two separate basketball courts on the campus which are used by the students for practice and competitions.

There are two Badminton Courts adjacent to the cricket ground, each measuring 13.40 meters by 6.10 meters. In addition to practice, these courts are used for various sports events organised at the institute or the university level.

The university has a running track of 400 meters and 100 meters. Students and hostelites can be seen walking and running on these tracks during morning or free time after lectures.