The University values diversity and makes every attempt to foster it in its offerings and activities.

The University has a diverse set of institutes, varying from Technology to Management to Pharmacy to Commerce to Science to Design, and many more. The University has a healthy mix of students, hailing from over 25 states of India. There are also some international students on the campus.

There is also a good representation of women and disadvantaged groups in the student population. And the same is reflected in faculty.

The University has, in all programmes, separate intake of 5% for Children of Indian Workers in Gulf and South-East Asia Countries (CIWGC-SEA). In addition, the Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Foreign Nationality (FN) students can apply under a separate intake of 10% in all programmes.

The University has various committees, such as Women Development Cell, Equal Opportunity Cell, and Complaint Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment to ensure that students and faculty from diverse background are respected and valued in the community.

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