List of Ongoing Nirma University Funded Major Research Projects

S No Name of the institute Title of the Project Project Investigators YEAR
1 Institute of Science Microbial Fuel Cell: An approach for wastewater Treatment with the generation of green electricity Dr Nasreen Munshi & Dr Manisha Shah 2018
2 Institute of Pharmacy Development and evaluation of PH-responsive multi-modal delivery platform in the treatment of oral cancer Prof Tejal Mehta, Prof Jigna Shah & Dr Heena V Dave 2019
3 Institute of Technology Strengthening precast beam-column connections using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (SSWM) – experimental and numerical Study Prof Paresh Patel & Prof Digesh Joshi 2020
4 Institute of Pharmacy Exploring heterocyclic scaffolds as telomerase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer Prof Hardik Bhatt, Dr Vivek Vyas & Dr Bhumika Patel 2021
5 Institute of Technology Development of Composite Phase-Change Material Based Thermal Management System For Battery of Electric Vehicles Dr Absar M Lakdawala & Dr Dhaval B Shah 2022
6 Institute of Science Study of constitutional genetic markers in familial cancer cases Dr Sonal Bakshi & Dr Swati Manekar 2022