Plasma and Fusion Research Committee (PFRC) Vision Meeting

The Directorate of Research & Innovation, Nirma University and the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) jointly organised a three-day meeting of the Project Investigators/ Collaborators and the Experts in the field of Plasma, Fusion Science, Fusion Technology and Allied Areas. The meeting was organised at the Nirma University campus during April 2628, 2018. It was a special event to commemorate ten years of National Fusion Programme and the Research and Development activities funded under the Board of Research in Fusion Science and Technology (BRFST). One of the ideas for having such meeting is to percolate the information to the fraternity working in the Plasma domain and provide a platform to the likeminded, same skill group to discuss the issues and solutions.

The meeting was attended by 150 participants from Research Organizations, Industries, Government Organizations, Academic Institutions (including IITs, NITs and other reputed institutions) across different parts of India.

All the sessions in the meeting discussed the Research and Development work carried out by IPR in collaboration with academic institutions in the last ten years. Each day included a detailed panel discussion on the themes covered for the day. It also discussed the new areas of Research and Development that faculty members of academic institutions can take up in the coming years.