Research Orientation Programme 2020

Directorate of Research and Innovation organised Research Orientation Programme 2020 (ROP 2020) which commenced on June 16, 2020. This is the sixth research orientation programme organised for the faculty members of the Nirma University. The main goal of the programme is to promote research and to improve research awareness/outcomes. This time, due to the ongoing pandemic situation, ROP 2020 was organised online through video conferencing mode. The programme was divided into three phases. A total of 22 participants from the constituent institutes of the Nirma University underwent the training programme.

The Phase-I (June 16–20, 2020) consisted of deliberations by the invited speakers from renowned and nationally reputed institutions like IISc, IITs, NCL, MSU, CUG, etc. There were sessions on introduction to research, manuscript and grant proposal writing, statistical tools, text analytics, interdisciplinary research, ethics & research integrity, research policies at Nirma University, integrating teaching & research. In the post-lunch sessions, the participants carried out different activities and assignments on the identification of thrust areas, finding national and international peers in their respective fields, identifying most relevant journals and funding agencies that can provide funds for their research.

During Phase-II (June 22–26, 2020), research and doctoral studies related sessions were delivered by the speakers of Nirma University. Topics like research trends and applications of AI and deep learning, time management in research, review article writing, research methodology, responsibilities of student and supervisor during doctoral studies, the role of experiments in scientific research, funding opportunities, SCOPUS – a research database tool, and avenues of offering consultancy services to the industries were introduced to the participants by the senior faculty members of the Nirma University. During this phase, participants worked for preparing preliminary interdisciplinary research proposals and presented them in the groups.

The Phase-III (June 29–August 29, 2020) of the programme is ongoing in which the participants are working with assigned mentors and will come out with a research paper and project proposal. Based on the narrowed down topic of the research, the participants will do an extensive literature review and prepare a research paper in the form of Mini-Review/Review/Case Report/Case Study. The manuscript should be ready for submission preferably to UGC CARE list journal, or any other quality and peer-reviewed journal as suggested by the mentor. Participants will also prepare a research project proposal to be submitted to the external funding agency.

The complete assessment of the programme is divided into several components such as; assignments, on-line quizzes, presentation of the interdisciplinary project proposal, paper writing and funded project proposal writing.