Seminar on “Research Skill Development”

In the present day, the world is facing a number of challenges in the engineering, heath, environmental and other sectors. This has led to the need of inculcating research at undergraduate level of study. Nirma University being active in research understands the importance of research to be inculcated among the students right from their early days of studies. To channelize the energy and enthusiasm of undergraduate students, to develop their understanding and skills to carry out research, IEEE Student Branch, Nirma University and the Directorate of Research & Innovation cell, Nirma University organized a seminar on “Research Skill Development” for the undergraduate students of Nirma University. The seminar was attended by 160 students from the constituent Institutes of Nirma University.

There were talks on “Recipe of Becoming a Researcher” and “Art of Writing Research Papers and Report” by Dr. Dhaval Pujara during the seminar. The students were made aware of the traits of a good researcher, skills that they need to develop to become a good researcher and how they can develop a positive perception/attitude towards research during these talks. The students were also given guidelines to publish their research outcomes. During the session on “ICT Tools for Research” by Dr. Santos Vora and Dr. Sachin Gajjar, the students were made aware of usage of Scopus, Mendely, Turnitin, Research Gate, and other ICT tools for Research. The seminar was a memorable learning for the undergraduate students.