Session on Climate Change, its Impacts and Remedial Measures

Sunil Parekh Session

As a part of the celebrations of two decades of Academic Excellence of the university, the Directorate of Research and Innovation on September 3, 2022, invited Shri Sunil R Parekh, Strategic Advisor, Zydus Cadila Group, Ahmedabad to address the faculty members. He shared his insights ‘Climate Change, its Impacts, and Remedial Measures’.

Giving a brief overview of today’s scenario Shri Parekh said that the current crises and urgency are of the greenhouse gases which fail to escape the earth’s atmosphere. Resulting in the melting of ice caps, rise in temperatures, cyclones, droughts, loss of forests, etc. This leads to diseases and deaths thus impacting humans. Places like the UK are experiencing a rise in temperatures which has become unbearable for the locals to bear.

The carbon footprint of India is below the global average. It can further reduce the carbon footprints by controlling the electricity and manufacturing sectors, as they account for nearly 84 per cent of the total carbon footprints of the country. India contributes only 4% of the world’s pollution whereas the developed countries contribute 96%. India has a goal to reduce its carbon footprint to net zero by 2070. To achieve this, it has planned to increase the use of renewable energy to 50% by 2030.

He further emphasises that we as citizens of the country can contribute to helping India reach its goal by reaching out to our local ministers and sharing ideas with them. The universities can contribute by aiming to become a green campuses. As consumers, one can buy only star-rated appliances, install roof-top solar panels, use EVs, etc. And as employees by planting trees, supporting clean technology and more.

More than 200 faculty members attended the session and interacted with Shri Sunil Parekh about various issues related to climate change.