Twenty Fifth Convocation

The Twenty Fifth Convocation of the University was held on April 24, 2018.

Below is the Convocation address by Shri Deepak Kumar Hota at Nirma University, Ahmedabad.

Dr Karsanbhai K Patel, President Nirma University, Shri K K Patel, Vice President Nirma University, Dr Anup K Singh, Director General Nirma University, distinguished members of Board of Governors, Directors of Institutes, faculty and staff, graduating students and their parents, invited guests, media representatives, ladies and gentlemen.
It gives me great pleasure to be here amidst all of you today, in this world-class institution. The commitment of the University in creating excellent facilities and infrastructure, essential for quality education and all-round development of students is well evident. The campus unmistakably, is providing an ideal environment for the young and enthusiastic students to pursue various graduate, post graduate and doctoral level programmes combining both rigor and relevance.
At the outset, hearty congratulations to each one of the young scholars present here. We today celebrate your accomplishment, of having successfully completed your respective programmes. You need to be justifiably proud of yourselves; having worked hard and imbibed requisite knowledge and skills, enabled by the proficient faculty of this institution. I am sure and confident that your education and talent will stand you in good stead to face the challenges in the corporate world or in your entrepreneurial journey, which some of you may choose to undertake.

While you are stepping into your professional careers especially in the corporate world, you need to be aware that your approach towards accomplishment of your goals will have to be entirely different from how you have been habituated so far. From early education onwards, each one of you have been coaxed and persuaded to do well in studies and come out on top of the class. You are accustomed to individual effort to be ahead of your fellow students in your academic journey. However, as a manager and leader, your performance more often than not, will be gauged by your performance as part of a team. Ram Charan, the global business advisor, author and speaker who has served on the Harvard Business School faculty, talks about the six turns in the leadership pipeline which are major life events of a leader and in that, the first ‘passage’ is from managing self to managing others.
The skills people should learn at this first leadership passage include planning work, assigning work, motivating and measuring the work of others. First-time managers need to learn how to reallocate their time so that they not only complete their assigned work but also help others perform effectively. You cannot allocate all of your time to seizing opportunities and handling tasks yourselves. You need to shift from doing work to getting work done.

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