Grant Award Letters 2018-19

Sr. No. Name of the Scheme/Project/ Endowments/ Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator (if applicable) Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Department Year of Award Funds provided (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project Award Letter
1 Reduction of E-Factor in Dyes and Pigment Industries Shah Parin Dinanath Green Environment Services Co-op. Soc. Ltd. – CETP, Vatva Non-Government Institute of Technology 2013 7.5 05-09-2013 to 06-07-2019 Click Here
2 Evaluation of Green Clean for Potentiality of Oil/ Hydrocarbon Degradation Munshi Nasreen Shakil Shukla Ashar Impex Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot Non-Government Institute of Science 2017 12.82 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018 Click Here
3 Development of Split AC Test Rig Working on Inverter Technology and Charged with Environment Friendly Refrigerant R-32  as A Laboratory Equipment for Engineering Students Shah Balkrushna Arvindbhai American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers Non-Government Institute of Technology 2018 2.27 10-07-2018 to 30-04-2019 Click Here
4 Rainbow (Realizing Aspirations, Interests & Brilliance of Young Women in Indian Universities) Muncherji Nina Bomi ERASMUS+ Non-Government Institute of Management 2018 77 15-11-2018 to 14-11-2021 Click Here
5 Biocompatibility of two Experimental Scaffolds for Regenerative Endodontics Nair Amee Krishnakumar Noorie Eye Hospital, Kamlabaug, Porbandar Non-Government Institute of Science 2018 1.18 12-10-2018 to 31-01-2019 Click Here
6 Impact of Industrialization, Mining, Urbanisation on Biodiversity in Select Blocks of Gujarat Singh Pratima Lalta Prasad Raman Development Consultants through GEC Non-Government Institute of Architecture and Planning 2018 1.05 01-04-2018 to 30-09-2019 Click Here
7 Affordable Housing: A Comparative Analysis of Proects in Ahmedabad Singh Pratima Lalta Prasad Institute of Town Planners, India Non-Government Institute of Architecture and Planning 2018 1.15 01-06-2018 to 30-11-2019 Click Here
8 Design & Fabrication of Permanent Magnet Motor for Electric Vehicle Patel Amit Narayanbhai Duke Plasto Technique Pvt. Ltd. Industry Institute of Technology 2018 0.78 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2019 Click Here
Total Amount 103.75