Seed Money 2015-16

Sr. No. Name of the teacher provided with seed money Title of the Project The amount of seed money
(INR in Lakhs)
E-copy of the Sanction Letter of the Project
1 Panchal Dipesh Jashvantbhai Smart Home Using Brain Mapping for Physically Disabled People 0.75 Click Here
2 Bagga Prashant Jagdishchandra Tool Condition Monitoring Using Image Processing Techniques 0.93 Click Here
3 Thakkar Sonal Pragnesh Evaluation of Mechanical and Durability Properties on Fly Ash and Rice Husk Based Geopolymer Concrete 0.4 Click Here
4 Bhojawala Vipulkumar Manharlal Test-Rig for Experimental Investigation of Bearing Faults in Rolling Bearings 0.9 Click Here
5 Patni Neha Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Functionalised Macromolecule as Chemical Sensor 0.9 Click Here
6 Patel Femina Jitendra Affordable Pd-Doped Perovskite Based Catalytic Converter for Abating Automotive Emission 3.5 Click Here
7 Joshi Shashikant Jagmitra Development of Experimental Set Up for Determination of Stiffness Properties of Fibre Reinforced Composite Using Vibration Testing 0.8 Click Here
8 Modi Bharatkumar Amrutlal Experimental Investigations on Ultrasonic Single Point Incremental Forming 0.4 Click Here
9 Patel Kaushik Kumar Mithabhai Performance Evaluation of Solid Lubricants Mixed with SAE-40 Oil in Machining of EN-31 Steel Material 0.7 Click Here
10 Shah Jalpa Bharatkumar Wireless Interface for Humidity and Temperature Monitoring 0.4 Click Here
11 Patel Femina Jitendra Synthesis of Spinels Mfe2-Xb”Xo4(M=Mfe2-Xb”Xo4Ni, Cu, Zn) and Mfe2-Xb”Xo4/Tio2 Nanocomposite as Novel Photocatalysts for Degradation of Dyes 0.9 Click Here
12 Patel Priya Anil Fabrication, Characterizationa and Application of Electrodes for Electrochemical Waste Water Treatment 1 Click Here
13 Mehta Kamal Kumar Narayan Prasad Design and Development of Intelligent Infrastructutre Prototype Model for Monitoring Railway Track 0.77 Click Here
14 Muncherji Nina Bomi Employee Work Passion: Creating A Motivating Work Environment 0.73 Click Here
15 Mahesh K C Robust Methods for Income Distribution Models 0.21 Click Here
16 Shah Amal Reena A Study of HR Prctices and Issues in Gaglani Metal Industries in Ahmedabad 0.18 Click Here
17 Prashanth Kumar Developing E-tailing Operations Strategy in India 1 Click Here
18 Parikh Palak Kirtibhai In-Silico Designing, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Anticancer Agents 0.3 Click Here
19 Acharya Niyati Sanjeev Pharmacological Evaluation of Antiurolithiatic Activity of Grewia Flavescens 0.36 Click Here
20 Patel Bhoomika Mayur Evaluation of Anti-Hypertensive Agent in Cancer-Cachexia Induced Cardiotoxicity 0.25 Click Here
21 Panchal Shital Sharad Development of Oryzanol Formulation and its Pharmacologicael Valuation  for Neurodegenerative Disorder 0.5 Click Here
22 Tripathi Nagja Vidushekhar Standardization and Evaluation of A Polyherbal Formulation for Metabolic Disorder 0.4 Click Here
23 Shah Jigar Nareshkumar Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Controlled Drug Delivery of Analgesic Via Novel Routes 0.2 Click Here
24 Bhadada Shraddha Vikas Beneficial Effect of Pimpinella Anisum in Delaying Cataract 0.3 Click Here
25 Butani Shital Bhavin Development of Lipidic Drug Delivery System for Bioavailability Improvement of the Poorly Soluble Antihypertensive Drug 0.2 Click Here
26 Mishra Renuka Deepak Formulation, Design and Development of Sublingual Film of an Anti-Hypertensive Drug 0.45 Click Here
27 Parikh Dhaivat Chandrakant Studies on Exploring Novel Excipients for Drug Delivery in Oral Cavity 0.9 Click Here
28 Bhumika D. Patel Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Heterocyclic Derivatives as Anti-Diabetic Agent 0.15 Click Here
29 Charmi Kothari Standardization of Polyherbal Formulation 0.1 Click Here
30 Vivek Vyas Design’ Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Substituted Quinoline Derivatives as Anticancer Agent 0.15 Click Here
Total Amount 18.73

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