Seed Money 2019-20


Sr. No. Name of the teacher provided with seed money Title of the Project The amount of seed money
(INR in Lakhs)
E-copy of the Sanction Letter of the Project
1 Kamplimath Hemanth K G Mallikarjuna Swamy Design and Development of Sustainable Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) 1 Click Here
2 Kanojia Sarika Sanjay Implementation of STATCOM on Fabricated 1-Phase Transmission Line 0.83 Click Here
3 Bhatt Chankya Bharatbhai Design, Analysis and Implementation of DC/Dc Converter and two Level VSC for Renewable Energy System 0.7 Click Here
4 Dhare Vaishali Hitesh Digital India: Smart Parking System 0.51 Click Here
5 Gajjar Ruchi Indravadan Agriculture Crop Disease Detection System Using Machine Learning 1 Click Here
6 Kothari Vineet Gautamchand Development of High Performance Quaternary Concrete: A Key Solution for Structures Built in Aggressive Climatic Environment 1 Click Here
7 Chokshi Nikita Piyushkumar Catalytic Ozonation Process for Wastewater Treatment 1 Click Here
8 Parikh Saurin Sharad Rain Sensing Automatic Retractable Laundry Shade 1 Click Here
9 Amrolia Hormaz Z. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis for Detecting Mechanical Anomalies in Induction Machine 0.57 Click Here
10 Godwal Shanker Dalchand Designing of Protection Scheme for Ring Main Distribution System 0.88 Click Here
11 Jani Swapnil Nalinkumar Model Predictive Control of Power Electronics Converter 0.49 Click Here
12 Upadhyay Darshit Shaileshkumar Enhancement of A Downdraft Gasifier Performance with Lignite Feedstock 0.25 Click Here
13 Dalwadi Hemang Amrutlal Development of Solar Energy Based Desalination Still 1 Click Here
14 Joshi Tejas Mukundbhai Experimental Investigation on Concrete filled Double Skinned Tube(CFDST) Composite Column Under Monotonic Axial Loading 1 Click Here
15 Rangwala Hasan Mohammedi Feasibility Study of Geopolymer Grout Material for Geotechnical Application 1 Click Here
16 Pillai Shibu N. Gopinathan Performance Enhancement of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell 1 Click Here
17 Tandel Roshankumar Rameshchandra Experimental Investigations on Effects of Sediment Erosion on Pump as Turbine 0.65 Click Here
18 Pattath Kapil N. Fabrication of Z-Source Inverter 0.66 Click Here
19 Raiyani Sunil Dineshbhai Torsional Strengthening of Precast Connections Using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 1 Click Here
20 Mehta Sandip Anilbhai Development and Testing of Fractional Order Control Algorithms for Self- Balance Robot 1 Click Here
21 Bora Leena Vijaykumar Solar Photocatalysis for Wastewater Treatment 1 Click Here
22 Kapadia Harsh Khodidas Application of Imaging Techniques in Concrete Damage Characterization 1 Click Here
23 Patel Nital Sanjay Performance Evaluation of Rectangular and Circular Clarifiers for Wastewater Treatment Plant 0.67 Click Here
24 Thakkar Sonal Pragnesh Enhancement of Fire Resistance Capacity of Medium and High Strength Concrete 1 Click Here
25 Makwana Rudreshkumar Dineshbhai Formability Study of Aluminium Alloy in Hole Flanging Operation by Single Point Incremental Forming 0.51 Click Here
26 Bhatt Shruti Nalinbhai Experimental Investigation on Microwave Based Metal Casting 0.8 Click Here
27 Suthar Jahanvi Miteshkumar Determination of Moment Curvature Relation for Reinforced Concrete (RC) Beams and Columns 1 Click Here
28 Panchal Dipesh Jashvantbhai An Energy Efficient Indoor Security System for Surveillance 0.15 Click Here
29 Bhatt Anand Ambaprasad Design and Development of Multi Branch Heat Pipe and its Charging Set-Up 0.18 Click Here
30 Singhal Ath Satish To Develop An Enhanced Power Control and Storm Security Device for A Scaled Down Model of Savonious Wind Rotor 0.3 Click Here
31 Mahajan Samir Nirmal Chandra Socio-Econmic Statsu of Private Security Guard in Residential and Non-Residential Premises : A Case Study of Ahmedabad City of the State of Gujarat 0.95 Click Here
32 Patni Neha Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Polymer in Organic Solar Cell 0.4 Click Here
33 Parikh Palak Kirtibhai Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Benzimidazole Derivatives as C-Met Kinase Inhibitors 1 Click Here
34 Patel Bhumika Dipen Design Synthesis of Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase1 (PARP1) Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer 1 Click Here
35 Acharya Niyati Sanjeev Effect of Bergenin on Amyloid Aggregation in Alzheimer Disease 0.95 Click Here
36 Patel Snehal Sanjaykumar Pharmacological Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic Agents in Diabetes Associated Depression: Molecular Link and Clinical Implications 0.95 Click Here
37 Shah Jigar Nareshkumar Formulation Development & Evaluation of Theranostic Nanocarriers for Brain Tumor Targeting 0.9 Click Here
38 Savjani Jignasa Ketan Physicochemical Property Improvement of Poorly Water Soluble Anti-Infective Drugs 1 Click Here
39 Mehta Tejal Amit Development and Evalaution of Ph Responsive Multi-Modal Delivery Platform in the Treatment of Oral Cancer 10 Click Here
40 Patel Mayur Mahendrabhai Formulation Development and Evaluation of Nanoparticulate Systems for Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Agents 0.4 Click Here
41 Munshi Nasreen Shakil Microbial Fuel Cell: An Approach for Wastewater Treatment with Generation of Green Electricity 10 Click Here
42 Verma Kuldeep Understanding the Functional Role of Sar1-Like GTPases Homologue From Entamoeba Histolytica 1 Click Here
43 Gupta Dablulal To Investigate the genesis of T helper Cell and its Subset (Th1, Th2, Th17 and Treg) Cells in the Melanoma 1 Click Here
44 Suhane Shweta Rajesh Baseline Assessment for Identifying the Green Quotient for the Campus 0.75 Click Here
Total Amount 53.45

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