Criterion I

Section-19(3) Where any matter is of urgent nature requiring immediate action and the same cannot be immediately dealt with by the Chairman or authority or body of the University empowered under this Act to deal with it the Director General may take such action as he may deem fit and shall forthwith report the action taken by him to the Chairman or authority or body of the University who or which, in the ordinary course, would have dealt with the matter. Provided that if such authority or body is of the opinion that such action ought not to have been taken by the Director General, it may refer the matter to the Chairman who may either confirm the action taken by the Director General or annul the same or modify it in such manner as he thinks fit and thereupon it shall cease to have effect or as the case may be, shall take effect in such modified form, so however such modification or annulment shall be without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done by or under the orders of the Director General.

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