Seed Money 2018-19

Sr. No. Name of the teacher provided with seed money Title of the Project The amount of seed money
(INR in Lakhs)
E-copy of the Sanction Letter of the Project
1 Panchal Dipesh Jashvantbhai An Energy Efficient Indoor Security System for Surveillance 0.4 Click Here
2 Chauhan Chetna Chaturbhai Synthesis of Rare Earth Doped Magnetic Nano Materials for Microwave Shielding 1 Click Here
3 Koshti Utsav Kamalbhai Experimental Investigation on Behaviour of Structural System Under Lateral Load 1 Click Here
4 Patni Neha Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Polymer in Organic Solar Cell 0.6 Click Here
5 Patel Femina Jitendra Affordable Pd-Doped Perovskite Based Catalytic Converter for Abating Automotive Emission 3.5 Click Here
6 Tandel Roshankumar Rameshchandra Experimental Investigations on Effects of Sediment Erosion on Pump as Turbine 0.35 Click Here
7 Upadhyay Darshit Shaileshkumar Enhancement of A Downdraft Gasifier Performance with Lignite Feedstock 0.74 Click Here
8 Patel Dhaval Vallabhbhai Application of Acoustic Based Techniques for Detection of Machinery Faults 0.2 Click Here
9 Bhatt Anand Ambaprasad Design and Development of Multi Branch Heat Pipe and its Charging Set-Up 0.82 Click Here
10 Nipun Raval Experimental Investigation on Residual Stress Developed During Friction Stir Welding 1 Click Here
11 Dave Jatinkumar Maheshkumar Design of Walking Mechanism for A Bipedal Robot 0.07 Click Here
12 Prajapati Hiren Manilal Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetorheological Fluids Using Magnetorheometer 1 Click Here
13 Mecwan Akash Ishudas Automization of Fertilization for Small Scale Indian Farms 0.79 Click Here
14 Modi Bharatkumar Amrutlal Experimental Investigations on Hole Flanging Operation by Incremental Sheet Metal Forming 0.3 Click Here
15 Patel Kaushikkumar Mithabhai Evaluation of Effect of Induced Shear in Blending of Powders on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites 0.15 Click Here
16 Chaudhary Amita Development of Low-Cost Technique for Copper Extraction for E-Waste 0.5 Click Here
17 Singhal Ath Satish To Develop an Enhanced Power Control and Storm Security Device for A Scaled Down Model of Savonious Wind Rotor 0.7 Click Here
18 Ami Shukla Prototype of Femto satellite using Embedded Processors for Internet of Space 0.15 Click Here
19 Parashar Sapna Chaman Marcom Practices of Retail Stores 0.3 Click Here
20 Sahu Subrat Techno-Managerial Implications of Mobile Technology Adoption in Emergency Medical Services 0.06 Click Here
21 Patel Mayur Mahendrabhai Formulation Development and Evaluation of Nanoparticulate Systems for Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Agents 9.59 Click Here
22 Patel Nrupesh Ramanbhai Solubility Enhancement of Lead Candidates as Anti-Diabetic Agents 0.4 Click Here
23 Shah Mohit Prakash Solubility Enhancement of BCS Class II Drug Using Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System 0.1 Click Here
24 Munshi Nasreen Shakil Microbial Fuel Cell: An Approach for Wastewater Treatment with Generation of Green Electricity 10 Click Here
25 Nair Rejitha Narayanan Mapping Politico-Legal Dilemmas Associated with Climate Refugees 0.2 Click Here
26 Suhane Shweta Rajesh Baseline Assessment for Identifying the Green Quotient of the Campus 0.25 Click Here
Total Amount 34.17