75th Independence Day Celebrations at Nirma University

Nirma University celebrated the 75th Independence Day on campus. Students Welfare Board along with the host Institute of Management organised the event. Given the current situation, only the heads of the University, institutes and departments and section heads were present on campus for the flag hoisting ceremony. The Chief Guest was Dr Anup K Singh, Director General, Nirma University.

Dr Subir Verma, Director, Institute of Management in his address says that the post-pandemic world is a world of possibilities, of creativity, of compassion, of the right interface between humans and technology. The landscape of business has changed. So has the landscape of education. Digitisation, online, hybrid, blended has entered our lexicon. The New Education Policy portends to revolutionise education, its content, delivery and outcome. Creative response and prescient leadership will be required to take full advantage of the opportunities immanent in the design of the policy.

Dr Singh in his address asks the audience to contemplate all three main topics from what India was (Sone ki chidiya) and what it is now. He also insisted to contribute to the well-being of our nation by playing out tile and performing our responsibilities properly.