Inauguration of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Nirma University

Electric vehicles are the option for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The government of India recognises the urgency to look at sustainable mobility solutions to reduce dependency on imported energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate adverse impacts of transportation including global warming. But, the adoption of Electrical vehicles will only be promoted if we are able to make our infrastructure ready to support charging facilities.

A one step forward to encourage green mobility, an electric vehicle (EV) charging station was inaugurated at the Nirma University campus on Independence Day i.e. on August 15, 2021. The charging station was inaugurated by Dr Anup Singh, Director General of Nirma University. The charging station is installed under the Go Electric campaign scheme of the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA). The EV charging station is installed at Nirma University by M/s Mindra Green Energy LLP, Ahmedabad. This charging station comprises three electric vehicle chargers – Two fast chargers for Two and Three Wheelers; and a slow charger for the Four Wheeler. The MoU between Nirma University and M/s Mindra Green Energy LLP is under process. With this, the Nirma University became the first university of the Gujarat state to host and promote the Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. The facility is available for the staff, faculty and students of the university. This charging station will help students develop their competence in the e-mobility segment, promote research & innovations and help to spread social awareness on electric vehicles.