IPR Awareness Webinar on Overview of Patents and Overview of Industrial Designs

IPR Awareness Webinar

The Directorate of Research and Innovation (DRI), Nirma University, invited Prof Gunjan Arora, Assistant Professor, Institute of Law, Nirma University (ILNU) and Prof Taruna Jakhar, Assistant Professor, ILNU as speakers to a webinar on ‘‘Overview of Patents and Overview of Industrial Designs’ on October 30, 2021. The rationale of the talk was to increase the awareness about patents and the design registrations amongst the faculty members of all the constituent institutes of the Nirma University.

Prof Gunjan Arora briefed the audience about the importance of the patents and then provided detailed information about the process stepwise from the day of filing to the grant of the patent. She also explained the importance of the prior-art search from the inventor’s end. She also demonstrated online websites and showed all the related websites. She also shed a light on that the filing process worldwide also feasible based on the novelty but the further process of the search and after filing will be different from country to country.

Prof Taruna Jakhar explained to the audience about the industrial designs in depth. She provided the fundamental understanding of an “Article’ which can be protected against the industrial act. She pointed out that it should be having an “add a value on the aesthetic look” is mandatory while selecting the article for industrial designs. She also provided details by showing the websites related to the designs.

Both the faculty members along with Dr Shinde, Assistant Professor, ILNU, interacted with the faculty members and solved their queries.

The heads of various Institutions, Heads of the Departments, Deans, and over 140 faculty members from various constituent Institutes of Nirma University were present in this webinar. The Director General of the Nirma University also remained present to motivate the faculty members.

The session ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr P N Tekwani, Director- Directorate of Research and Innovation, NU. All the faculty members were informed to submit the details of any of their patentable inventions through the proper channels to the office of the DRI for further process.