Institute of Architecture and Planning

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
City Planning and Design Planning Theories – Approaches to City Planning and Design
Principles | Parameters of City Planning and Design
Ecological perspective in City Planning and Design
Urban and Regional Planning
Image of the City
Infrastructure Planning
Smart City
Development Plans
Occupational/ Livelihood Studies
Urban Policy and Governance
Impact Evaluation of Development Projects
Environmental Impact Assessment
Elements of Architectural Design Basic Design
Architectural Detailing
Element Studies- Colours/ Texture/ Fenestration/ Skyline Material Studies
Structural design understanding in Architecture
Vernacular Architecture/ Construction Practices and Techniques
Universal Design/ Barrier Free Design Form, Space and Order
Interior Architecture
Architectural Details and Design Drawings
Architectural Analysis of built-form
Affordable building materials and design
Urban/ Public Realm Urban Design of a Space and Place Urban/ Public Realm (Space-Amenities) Elements of Space and Place
Sociable Space Identity of a Place
Typological Studies – Hierarchy of Public Spaces Perception, Planning and Principles of Public Open Space System
Urban Memory
Urban Design Guidelines
Public Realm (Shared Spaces-Amenities)
Pedagogical Exploration Research in Architecture | Planning
Architecture | Planning Philosophies and Phenomena Studies
Inquiry into work of Architects Gender and the built environment Barrier Free design
Behavioural Architecture Construction Techniques Material Study
Architectural Criticism | Appraisal Research Methodologies and Methods
Use of Different Mediums in Representation. For eg: GIS and Remote Sensing in Planning; Print making, Graphics, Lithography in Architecture
Housing/ Planning and Design Housing Theories
Principles | Parameters of Housing Planning and Design Architecture in Housing
Liveability and Sociability
Traditional and Vernacular built-form, house-form and Settlement pattern
Place perceptions of traditional settlements Housing and Real Estate Planning
Informal Settlements – Rehabilitation and Resettlement
Nature/ Technology/Architecture Elements of Futuristic Architecture Phenomenology
Biomimicry Tensile Structures
Sustainable Architecture/ Green Building Design Intelligent Building Design
Parametric and algorithmic and kinetic, architecture with scripting
Cellular automata, L system, and neuron and genome network-based Architecture
Robotic Fabrication Computational design

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