Institute of Commerce

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Accounting and Control Blockchain Accounting
Forensic Accounting
Value Relevance of Accounting Information
Corporate Reporting
Digital Accounting and Reporting Practice
Innovation and Technology in Accounting
Indian and Global Financial Reporting Practices
Corporate Governance
Data Analytics in Accounting
Accounting for CryptoCurrency
Economics and Public Policy Economic Development and Policy
Bi-lateral Trade and Investment
Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy
Real Estate and Infrastructure Development
Accounting Education Quality Accounting Education
Importance of Technology in Accounting Education
Accounting Education – Pedagogy, Innovation, and Practice
Sustainable Development Integrated Reporting
Sustainability & Green Finance
Environmental, Social and Governance Issues
Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) MSME Finance in India – Policy, Practices, Challenges, Opportunities
MSME Contribution to Employment, Economic Growth and Development
Entrepreneurial Finance Small Business & Entrepreneurial Skills
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Sector (BFSI) Innovative Instruments in Capital Markets – Mutual Funds
Financial Inclusion – Reach and impact
Financial Technologies – Role in Providing Financial Services
Banks and Non-Performing Assets
Other Allied Areas Corporate Policies – Capital Structure
Dividend Policy
Micro Finance
Behavioural Finance
Corporate Social Responsibility