Institute of Design

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Design Education and Pedagogy Inclusivity in Design Education
Understanding the influence of traditional/tacit knowledge of skilled artisans for contemporary Design Pedagogic tools and content
Conceptual thought in Art & Design through experimentation in form and materials Contemporary Indian, experimental women Sculptors (A study of personality & creativity: Women’s Empowerment in Art)
Role of Drawing & Visualisation, in the creative thinking processes in Art & Design
Smart Product Design & Healthcare Design and development of a vision-based multi-degree of freedom feeding robot for specially-abled people
Product Design and Manufacturing Manufacturing – CAD/CAM Optimisation Techniques – High Entropy Alloy; Fracture and Fatigue Analysis of the weldment
Communication Design Graphic Design Education – Generating real-world Design opportunities within academic institutions to foster learning and transition from academics to Industry
Impact of Political Cartoons as a medium of Communication in Indian Editorials
Study of different Artistic and visual techniques of painters used in Advertising
Typography- changing the visual & cognitive experience of a Publication

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