Institute of Management

Broad Discipline: Economics & Finance

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Corporate Finance Dividend Policy
Capital Structure
Working Capital Management
Alternative Finance
Entrepreneurial Finance
Capital Market Stock Market Integration
Stock Market Efficiency
Innovative instruments in capital markets
Performance Measurement
Economic variables and capital market
Investment Trading Strategies
Financial Services Adoption of Contemporary Financial services
Financial Inclusion – Reach and impact
Role of technology in providing financial services
Merchant Banking and ICOs
Innovation in Financial Services
Accounting Indian & Global Accounting Standards & reporting practices
Quality of Financial Reporting
Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosure Practices
Forensic Accounting, Fraud – identification & detection
Innovation and technology in accounting
Corporate governance, disclosure, and accountability
Accounting practices in family businesses
Management Accounting and Control Issues
Taxation Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
Tax Planning, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion
Income Computation & Disclosure Standards and the Ind-Accounting Standards
Goods and Services Tax
Economic Policies Indian Agriculture Study
Rural Health
Universal Health Coverage
Economic Inequalities
Rural Employment
Gender Issues
Evaluation of Public Policies Globalization, trade and development
Public Finance
Environmental Economics
Entrepreneurial Economics

Broad Discipline: Quantitative Techniques & Operations Management Area

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Operations and Quality
Synergies between TQM and information technology
Operations and Information
Big Data and its role in Operations
AI and operations
Operations and Supply Chain
Operations and Lean Management Stats/ Quanti
Big Data Analysis
Probability and Stochastic Process
Statistics in Interdisciplinary Areas
Big Data Analysis
Probability and Stochastic Process
Statistics in Interdisciplinary Areas

Broad Discipline: Organizational Behaviour Area & Communication Area

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
People Management Leadership
Stress Management
Team Working
Learned Optimism
Personality Traits
Knowledge Hiding
Organisational Learning
Higher Education Pedagogical Innovations
Developments in the field and its impact on students
Language and Literature English Language and World Literature

Broad Discipline: Strategic Management Area & Entrepreneurship

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Strategic Management Management of Innovation and Technology
Strategic Capabilities of Firm
Geo-Political Strategies
Healthcare Management Strategies
Entrepreneurship Startups Ecosystem SMEs
Family Business Management
Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Education

Broad Areas: Information Management Area

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
ICT & Society e-Governance
Enterprise Applications ERP CRM
Emerging ICT Nuances IT Security and Privacy

Broad Discipline: Human Resource Management Area

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Employer Branding
Employee Engagement
High Performance
Work Systems
Role Design, Job Evaluation and New Age Organisations
Competency Mapping and Assessment
Cross Cultural Management and Leadership

Broad Discipline: Marketing Area

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Consumer Decision Making Behavioural aspects of decision making
Marketing analytics for business Optimizing ROI through social media
Co-creation with customers
Role of digital media in B2B Marketing
Digital mobile and ecommerce behaviour of rural customers
Strategic-Social Marketing
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Marketing of health services/ hospitals Customer satisfaction issues in healthcare delivery

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