Institute of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutics

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Development of modified and site
specific drug delivery systems
Novel Dosage forms for Oral Cavity
Organ Targeted Delivery for Various Diseases
Formulation and characterisation of micro/ nanocarrierbased drug
delivery systems
Oral/ Parenteral/ Topical/ Ocular Novel Formulations using QBD Approach
Dissolution/ Bioavailability
enhancementof poorly soluble APIs
Colloidal and Nanoparticulate System

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Conventional and Solid / Liquid phase combinatorial synthesis including microwave assisted synthesis of potentially useful novel chemical entities for various disorders Solid Tumors, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Leukemia, etc Diabetes and Obesity
Cardiovascular Diseases like Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, etc
Inflammatory Disorders and Allergy
Infectious Diseases Including HIV, Tb, Malaria, etc
Drug design of NCEs using various in silico methods PharmacophoreModeling
Virtual Screening
Molecular Docking Homology Modeling
MD Simulation Studies
In Silico ADMET Predictions

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Development and validation of anlytical methods Stability indicating assay methods for APIs and formulations
Dissolution method development and validation for different types of dosage forms
Development and validation of bioanalytical methods for biological fluids
Application of Quality by Design approach in analytical method development
Solid state analysis by spectroscopic methods like FTIR, Raman Spectrometer etc
Standardization of polyherbal formulation
Isolation and identification of biomarkers from plants and herbal formulations
Super critical fluid extraction and quantification of phyto constituents.

Department of Pharmacognosy

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Phytopharmacological Evaluation of Herbal Drugs and characterisation of
bioactives for various diseases
Neurodegenerative disorders, Cancer, Wound healing, Diabetes, Obesity, Urolithiasis
Formulation, Development and evaluation of Nutraceuticals and Herbal Cosmetics Herbal formulations
Nutritional supplements
Hair care cosmetics products
Skin care cosmetic products
Formulation of nanotechnological based products for targeted delivery of
natural bioactives
Novel approaches like Polymeric nanoparticles for targeted brain delivery
Isolation, estimation and characterization of phyto-constituents Isolation of various secondary metabolites from plants
Separation  estimation  of phytoconstituents by various spectroscopy and chromatography techniques
Quality control & standardization of natural products and herbal
Development of plant monograph
Standardization of herbal drugs
Standardization of formulations
Development of analytical method and its validation of active phyto- constituents from natural products
using various sophisticated instruments
Estimation of phytoconstituents by HPLC and HPTLC

Department of Pharmacology

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Identification of novel therapeutic targets, development of novel experimental models and pharmacological evaluation Neurodegenerative, psychiatric and cerebrovascular disorders
Cancer and cachexia
Endocrine and metabolic disorders
Cardiovascular diseases
Gastrointestinal disorders
Ophthalmic disorders
Inflammation and allergy
Safety Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicokinetics and Toxicity Studies New Chemical Entities
Novel formulations
Medical devices
Herbal extracts and formulations
Formulation development, characterisation and biological evaluation for novel targeted drug
delivery systems
In-vitro studies, Ex-vivo studies, In-vivo studies, In Vitro- InVivo Correlation , PK-PD studies
Clinical Research Clinical trials
Epidemiological studies
BA/BE studies

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