School of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Structural Engineering Concrete Technology and Sustainable Materials
Earthquake Engineering and Structural
Dynamics RCC, Steel, Precast and Special Structures
Computational Mechanics
Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Ground Improvement Techniques
Numerical Modelling and Soil-structure Interaction
Analysis and Design of Foundations
Geomatics Remote Sensing
Geographic Information Systems
Global Positioning Systems
Construction Technology & Management Construction Management
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Sustainable Construction Technology
Lean Construction

Department of Chemical Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Green & Sustainable Chemistry Synthesis and Applications of Green Solvents
Green Routes of Chemical Synthesis
Chemical Kinetics in Context With Liquid Phase Reactions
Reuse and Recycling of Non-Degradable Waste Products
Zero Waste Discharge in the Development of New Synthetic Routes
Thermodynamics and Computational Research Phase Equilibrium of Different Industrial Important Systems
Phase Equilibrium Property Determination and Predictions of Ionic Liquids
Energy and Exergy Analysis of Various Processes
Simulation Studies for Energy Savings
Polymer Polymer based chemical sensor
Inorganic and Polymeric Materials and Organic Chemistry
Polymer Synthesis and Modification
Polymers for Medical Applications
Polymers in Pharmaceutics
Smart Materials Bioplastics and Natural Materials
Catalysis Clean Processes for Fuels and Chemicals from Crude-Oil
Coal and Natural Gas
Natural Gas Conversion
Organometallic Catalysis
Redox Catalysis
Steam Reforming of Alcohols
Shape Selective Catalyst in Refining Process
Semiconductor Catalysis
Renewable Energy Bioenergy Technology
Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Storage, Production and Transportation
Biofuel from Bio-waste
Solar Energy in Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater and Wastewater
Innovative Treatment Technology for Color and Cod Removal
Application of Nanotechnology
Adsorbents for Heavy Metal Removal
Waste Water Treatment by Advanced Oxidation Processes
Process Development for Reduction of Wastewater

Department of Electrical Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Power System Engineering Power Generation Technology
Power System Dynamic and Stability
Unit commitment and Pricing
Power System Restructuring and Deregulation, Wide Area Measurements and Applications, HVDC and FACTS,AI Techniques and Optimization in Power System
Electrical Machines and AC-DC Drives Conventional Electrical Machines
Permanent Magnet Machines
Electrical Drive Technologies
Control of Electrical Machines
Electric Vehicles Electrical Vehicular Technologies
Battery Technology and Battery Management
Grid Interfacing Issues of Electrical Vehicle
Smart Grid Technologies and Micro- grids Real-time pricing and Demand Response in Smart Grid Environment
Smart Grid Communications
Micro and Nano Grids: Issues and Solutions
Smart Features in Electrical Grid
Improved Power Quality for Power System of Future Active Power Filters
Active Front-End Converters
Unity Power factor correctors

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Advanced Metrology Micro and Nano Metrology
Measurement of Various Physical Quantities
Experimental Investigation of Various Geometric Forms
Quality Control and Management
Six Sigma
Design of Experiments
Data Acquisition and Processing
Sensor Technology
Signal Processing and Control
3D Scanning & 3D Printing
Computer Aided Inspection
Stress Analysis and Materials Technology Functionally Graded Materials
Composite Materials
Numerical Fracture
Self-Healing Materials
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Carbon Nano Tubes
Turbomachines and Fluid Flow Machines Turbine Blade Cooling
Turbine Blade Shape Optimization
Combustion Analysis
Cavitation Analysis
Part Load Performance Enhancement Turbulence
Multiphase Flow
Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion Natural, Forced and Mixed Convection
Heat Transfer Enhancement
Conjugate Heat Transfer Cryogenic Technologies
Micro scale Fluid flow and Heat Transfer Waste Heat Recovery
Flow Visualization
Advanced Manufacturing Processes Machine Tool Design
Machining Micro
Machining Nano
Welding of Light
Weight Metals
Process Monitoring and Control
Complex Castings Technology
Electromagnetic Stir Casting

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