School of Technology

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
Knowledge Representation
Deep Learning
Human Computer Interface
Data Engineering Data Pre-processing
Data Mining
Data Representation
Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Advanced Computing systems and architectures High Performance Computing
Computer Architecture
Cloud Computing
FOG Computing
Computer Networks Network Protocols
Wireless Network
Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Software Defined Networks
Information Security Intrusion Detection Systems
Security Protocols
Vulnerability Assessment
Security Testing
Image and video Processing Medical Diagnostic Images
Satellite Image Processing
Video Summarisation
Video and Image Classification
Bio Informatics

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
VLSI Design & Test Analog & Mixed Signal VLSI Design
Testing & Verification of VLSI Design
Communication Engineering Wireless Communication
Antenna & RF Communication
Optical Communication & Networks
Embedded Systems Image Processing & Remote Sensing
Machine Learning for Embedded Systems
Embedded Vision
Internet of Things

Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Control and Automation Control Engineering
Industrial Automation
Industrial Internet of Things [Industry 4.0] Industrial Communication
Industrial System Design
Biomedical Engineering Diagnostic Instrument Design
Medical Signal Processing
Robotics Robot Control
Robots for Automation
Sensors and Measurement Techniques Measurement System Design
Sensor Development and Applications

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