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Established in the year 2003, the Nirma University, Ahmedabad is a research-oriented, student-centric, multidisciplinary, not-for-profit state private university. Within a short period of its existence, it has emerged as a nationally renowned higher education institution. The University has a host of institutes, departments and centres, including Institute of Technology, Institute of Management, Institute of Pharmacy, Institute of Science, Institute of Law, Institute of Architecture & Planning, Institute of Commerce, Department of Design, Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research, Centre for Continuing Education, and Centre for Entrepreneurship.
We invite you to explore the possibility of developing a career with the Nirma University, Ahmedabad and to contribute to the achievement of our vision, mission, values and objectives.  

Nirma University focuses on a healthy work environment conducive to research and learning which leads to employee satisfaction and stability. The pay package and compensation is one of the best in the industry. The University gets the brightest students which in turn enhances faculty satisfaction. Various welfare schemes are initiated from time to time to help members.

The location of the University is an added advantage. The Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar region provides unlimited opportunities for spouses to find employment and engage in various constructive activities. It is also one of the best locations for children, both in terms of schooling and higher education.

There are currently no vacancies available.
There are currently no vacancies available.
There are currently no vacancies available.
Devang Pandit

Office Superintendent
Establishment Section
Phone: +917971652681

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